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Post by ItzPyr3 on Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:08 pm

Name: Jaythorne Taryas
Age: 22
Rank: Diamond
Affiliation: Kingdom of Liones
Bio: Jaythorne, nicknamed Jay, is a loyal knight under the Kingdom of Liones. He grew up in a small town in the south, orphaned as a child by a disease that killed his parents and younger brother. Filled with a cold in difference, he spent his time from ages nine to fifteen wandering and beating any bandits he could, killing two in the process. Finally he was met by a Holy Knight, who told him he had a greater purpose then fighting common filth. Taken under the wing of the Holy Knight, he learned how to control his magical power.

Personality: Jaythorne is a cold and remorseless Knight, seeking to end a fight as quick as possible. His strong magical powers have given him a rather bored outlook on combat, but wholeheartedly welcomes a challenge. Quiet and reserved, his fellow Knights never know what he is thinking. He shares a close personal bond with his former mentor, a Knight who left the kingdom in search of something, making sure to erase some material from everyone's minds but Jaythorne's before he went...


'Absorb': A magical ability that gives Jaythorne the ability to absorb any Magical or Physical attack directed at him until he reaches his cutoff point. Does not work against Demonic or Angelic Magic.

'Return Fire': All stored energy from attacks Jaythorne has absorbed is unleashed in a slash attack, the power depending greatly on the absorbed magical and physical energy.

'Borrowed Heal': By using absorbed energy, Jaythorne can heal minor injuries up to putting a severed limb back on (does not let him ignore pain).

'Raven's Call': An optical magic, if Jay makes eye contact while using Raven's Call, the target falls into an illusion of crows circling them, morphing into their worst fear.

Other: Later down the line I might give him a Demonic Side, but maybe not.

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