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Post by ItzPyr3 on Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:39 pm

Hey Everyone!

The Following is a few guidelines set down to make sure everyone has fun and can play without it being the Wild West. Thank you in advance for following them and please, do not make it harder on the staff team by disregarding them!

+No Metagaming or Powergaming unless it is a private thread and all parties agree (making it kinda not metagaming Razz)

+No Erotic RPs in normal sections! We will have a separate place for that along with using PMs

+Racial Discrimination, Harassment and Racism of any form is not tolerated

+Homophobia or Homophobic Slurs is not tolerated, however being annoying and doing things like spamming "I'm Gay!" is not allowed either. This is a place for everyone, do not make yourself the center of attention

+Disrespecting staff is not allowed

+Please try and keep all RP as fun as possible!

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